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I am Chanel and turned 21 on 13oct. z6 & 10girls are my loves. MJ, suppers, clubs & dramamamas are my source of entertainments. My rainbow colour is red;black;gold. &&&, i'm totally obsessed with SHOW♥羅志祥.

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Monday, August 23, 2010


I've been so busy/lazy recently. Nope, I'm not beaten down by worklife.
Just that, I'm trying to have a good work-life balance. (In case you dunno, but my company emphasis on this a lot! LOL.)
Haha! So when I'm not at work, I'll be somewhere outside at the movies, club, shopping, drinking or chilling somewhere!

Had chalet with my girls. Was a really awesome one. It's always fun & laughter with them around.
Had bbq. Ate a lot, lky a whole truck of food! Srsly, now the sight of sausage makes me, PUKE!
Bcos, that alene & eling bought like so muchhhhhh! OMG.

Also went to KL with cash & co. same, fun too! Hahaha! But was lky damn tired. Did not sleep much!
Zzzzzz! And sadly, I did not really shop much too! Nothing much to buy. Prolly cos we didn’t have a lot of time too!
It's lky we're racing for tym in KL. Haha!

Anyway, I finally, like finally, GOT MY IPHONE 4. yuppie x 10 ! But hope, no problem with it. :)

Okay, I risked my ricebowl blogging at work. So, back to work! 1 more hours & it'll be home sweet home for me! :D

4:59 PM

Monday, June 28, 2010


nope, i'm not died. i'm still well & alive!
just tt, work is really keeping me really tired & busy.
has been a month since i started work. things are not as smooth
but imma still going strong. :)

previously, was cash's & ken's bday.
ken's bday, late late dinner @ holland v breko.

thn, cash's bday. his brother & malaysia friends came SG
to celebrate his bday for him. so sweet lo !
we went farmart!

after dinner @ farmart, we went jurong hill.
cos, we have a surprise for the both of them!
ALBUMS! we did album for both of them. they're like so touched.
i swear they TEARED! hahahah!

as for their presents, we got a laptop each for the both of them.
ya, pok kai liao. hahahaha!

thn, arena, combined celebration for the both of them.

my new goal in life. ♥

worldcup has been on for sometime already.
& of course, i lost alot also. damn it!
this worldcup is crazy! rahhhhh!
whatever it is, ARGENTINA GOGOGO!

okay, goodbye my lovesss. ♥


9:35 PM

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sry. im lky really fcuking busy recently.
finished up MAP, submitted alrdy.
thn focused on my job-hunting.
interviews & blahs.

got a job alrdy. but contract lasts for 6mths only.
anyway, i'm quitting soon alrdy. haha!
cos got another better job off. perm post somemore.
well, but, ibet it's gonna be lky damn stress.
so i dunno how long i'll last. i just hope all goes well for me
in the new comp.

the comp i'm at now, got really good people, good boss.
easy job, low stress lvl. but, too bad, the package wasnt
what i wanted. :(

conclusion, good luck to myself.
may i have more tolerance, determination and motivation.

w a job now, i got so many things i wanna get lahhhh!

always didnt got it cos i had a itouch. until lky this 1 or 2mths,
i've decided to get a iphone alrdy cos my itouch gonna be dead alrdy!

& while my itouch gonna be died,
my comp gonna to chui alrdy. i am jus hoping
it will last me till i get a new lappy.
for now, vaio will be my choice. :)

camera, S90. my sis bf got one.
& it's fcuking good & it's small!

and, finally, something tt i dun really need.
but probably jus wan to add it in to my possesion. :)

srsly, been thru alot of things recently tt almost
killed my mind & heart. i dun like 2010.
i want to be happy. i want everyone tt i love to be happy.

10:21 PM

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i am not busy, i'm just lazy.

Photo taken when we went to ECP ! =)

Last fri, headed GENTING.
with family & cash & tong.
awesome fun. but, even awesome shag.
hahaha! lazy to go into details.
photos! :))

ENJOY ! =)

as day passes by, the dateline of my MAP report is nearer.
once in a while, i think of my report, i get fcuking stressed up.

anyway, jobhunting, no news yet.
not going very well. economy problem or my problem?

我的耳朵 只想听你说话.
我的眼睛 容不下一粒沙.
我的妒忌 闷的没有道理.
跟随著你的天气 调整我的悲或喜.
你要晴天 我不敢下雨.
见到你快乐 我才能宽心.
只要你开口 我都会附议.
莫非是我 自作多情. ♥

3:41 AM